About The Event

An idea; A wish; A dream of Pakistan’s youth realizing their untapped potential; this was the vision with which Young Leaders Conference came into existence. What started as a modest conference, back in 2002, has now transformed itself into a belief system. With over three hundred participants, coming from all over the country, Young Leaders Conference offers a refreshing and engaging experience. Come join us in this trailblazing, groundbreaking, pioneering conference and let us help you realize your true power. It’s time to finally transform and emerge as the leader you truly are.




Sunday to Friday
July 1 to 6, 2018

#ItsTime – 17th Young Leaders Conference

For the past sixteen years, every single Young Leaders Conference has been spearheaded with a theme, unique and inspiring as each and every participant attending the conference. This year’s theme is ‘It’s time’. We believe that now more than ever is the time for the youth to realise their capacity. It’s time to leave behind the apprehension and realise what you are really made of. It’s time to dream bigger than ever before. It’s time to spark the flame and ignite the fighter hidden inside of you. It’s time to be a part of history. We’re ready, are you? If yes, then it’s time.

Your Takeaway

It is our promise to you that you will leave YLC completely different from the person you entered as. Born again with a new perception of life, you will be able to take on any challenge the world has to offer you. Determined, confident, and inspired, you will able to bring a change around you that you thought was never possible before, whether that be in your community or just in you. At YLC, you will learn how to be more:

• Confident
• Disciplined
• Empowered
• Responsible
• Passionate

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It’s time to take charge. It’s time to consider facts and better our opinions. It’s time to listen to the other. It’s time to dream big.

Are you ready for an experience of a lifetime?

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The investment includes

• Full access to conference program, simulations, sessions and social events
• 5 nights and 6 day accommodation;
• Daily breakfast, lunch, dinner refreshments and tea
• Delegate Kit (shirts, bag, and giveaways)
• YLC Certificate of Achievement on the completion of social enterprise projects.

Are you eligible to attend?

• YLC is for the youth aged between 18-24. Bring along your valid CNIC or Passport to support the same.
• A completed YLC application form is required.
• A constructive & resilient attitude.
• YLC is an inclusive event and goes far in ensuring accessibility for participants with different learning abilities.
• YLC Alumni from any year are not eligible to apply for this conference.
• YLC Team will select the participants who have a passion to learn, a desire to excel & a love for sharing.

Financially constrained applicants can

• Draft and send sponsorship letters to organizations.
• Get in touch with the team, explaining what they’ve done so far to raise the fee and the team will give tips on how to proceed.

* Please make a cheque payable to ‘School of Leadership’

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