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Younger's Leader Conference Don't forget YLC, the video is here...! #YLC14 #FUTUREHERE

Posted by Carving Memories - Digital Art Hub in Karachi on Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Young Leaders Conference is a conduit of ideas.

A 6-day rigorous residential leadership adventure which provokes thought, stir emotions and ensures the two come together to bring about constructive action.

For our 300 participants, new relationships, novel ideas and life-changing experiences widen their vision beyond the boundaries of their institutes. YLC taps into the hidden potential in individuals and urges them to know and strive for more. Once they realize that ambition, we provide them with the right set of skills related to problem solving, communication, conflict resolution, team-building, and a deeper awareness of the self and one’s surroundings. This awareness allows them to reflect on their lives from a new and previously unexplored perspective, and strengthens them with a new resolve to fulfill their passion. This is why YLC is a program that becomes the means for nurturing a band on future leaders who reflect as philosophers, think like scientists, strategize like economists and find a way to merge these qualities into their own respective personal and professional lives.

YLC doesn’t teach, it creates an experience that allows individuals to learn. We believe that one well reflected, personally experienced thought of wisdom is better than what you can learn from a whole library full of books on wisdom.

Interacting with and listening to participants and speakers from all over Pakistan sets the stage for a new kind of learning.  After all, the more you see, the more you know how little you know.

Highway – Which will you take: the easy way or the Highway?

There are two ways to go about your life. You can either sit back hoping something good will fall into your lap, or you can get up, get out and work hard to get what you want from life.

YLC 2016 is all about the journey of self-discovery; a journey that requires sacrifice, hard work and determination. A highway symbolizes transition, leaving behind certain things as you move on to the new.

That’s why the theme for this year’s conference is ‘The Highway’. This entails an out-of-comfort-zone highway journey where participants will experience a sudden wholeness and a higher order shift in their perceptions and surroundings, from the usual metropolitan style comfortable sights to the deserted airy breeze of freeways. YLC 2016 is a simulation of movement to progress, to growth, and the difficulties on that journey.

Let the sound of silence on a deserted empty highway speak to you, and listen to the sound of your own soul! Give yourself up to the freedom of the open desert air.

Take a long breath, and let go of your inhibitions!

Spend this YLC taking the road less travelled; a road that bends where you want to go, a road that you can shape the way you like. It’s a road free from distractions, free from diversions and detours, free from all things that hold you back. We want to help you live in the here and now. So put the pedal to the metal and let’s go!


• Create awareness regarding leadership in a multi-disciplinary context.

• Inspire participants to discover and apply their leadership potential.

Panel Discussions

• Prominent national and international personalities from the selected sectors discuss topics our young leaders must know.

• Renowned moderators preside to ensure interactivity of the sessions.

Skill Development

• Participants address key life issues and learn to develop solutions.

• Participants practice real life skills such as conflict management, organizing, planning, teamwork and many more.

• Participants develop interpersonal communication skills through interaction with each other.

Team Sessions

• Sharing action plans that focus on expanding individual ability.

• Developing empathy by listening and understanding inter-cultural issues and encouraging diversity.

Attitude Training

• Participants realize the practical importance of character traits such as maintaining composure at all times, punctuality, integrity, optimism, patience, and courage.

Interpersonal Learning

• Participants learn the art of enquiry and meaningful expression of their own opinions through team activities, discussions and exercises.

• Participants feel the value of empathy and learn to adapt to different people and situations.

Creative Exploration

• Participants learn creative expression through group activities in theatre, music, design and public speaking.


• YLC is for ages 18 to 24. Valid CNIC or Passport is required to support the same.

• Completed YLC application form. Incomplete forms will not be considered.

• Constructive and resilient attitude along with demonstrated desire to discover self, develop leadership skills and become a change-agent.

• YLC is an inclusive event and goes far in ensuring accessibility for people with different learning abilities.

• Alumni of YLC are not allowed to enroll again and if in case they do, fee will be non-refundable.

Logistical Details

• Accommodation and all conference activities will be held at Dreamworld Resort, Karachi.

• Check-in will be from 0800 hrs on July 26, 2016. Conference begins at 1400 hrs.

• Closing will be at 1700 hrs on July 31, 2016.

• Special arrangements will be made by team YLC for field visits. Apart from this, participants will not be allowed to leave the venue.

• PKR 55,000 per participant from across Pakistan.

• USD 600 for international participants.

• If you are raising the required investment, register regardless and keep us informed.

Investment includes

  • Entitlement to all conference sessions including panel discussions, workshops, indoor/outdoor exercises, simulations, social events and field visits.
  • 5 nights shared accommodation at Dreamworld Resort.
  • All meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and 2 teas with snacks paid for.
  • YLC’16 Participants Kit  (2 t-shirts, bag, diaries, sponsor giveaways, stationery etc).
  • Airport pick/drop for outstation participants.
  • Conference certificate, couriered 4 months after the conference on implementation of Social Action Project.

Investment doesn’t include

  • Air/land travel of participants to/from the venue, unless specified by sponsor.
  • Additional hotel services availed during the time of stay.


  • Please make cheque payable to ‘School of Leadership’.
  • Cash payments only at our Karachi or Islamabad offices.
  • Instantly acquire receipt on SoL letterhead duly signed by our accounts team.

for international applicants

The conference fee does not include

  • Airfare
  • Visa Fee
  • Other Incidental/Travelling Expenses

Visa process

We offer visa support for non-Pakistani citizens. For a majority of the countries, the visa application and process is quite straightforward and takes place smoothly. However, in some cases the Embassy may need to ask you for additional information regarding your status. We encourage you to learn about visa requirements before hand and apply well in advance in order to ensure your participation. Normal processing time for visa is 4-6 weeks.

Visa Fee Details

The last date of application for international candidates is May 15, 2016. Shortlisted participants will be required to submit participation fee, scanned copies of passport, visa and ticket latest by June 30, 2016.

Apply for Visa

financial support

  • Numerous visionary organizations have supported YLC and YLC participants over the last decade. This combined with SoL’s social intent has helped ensure that every YLC has hosted youngsters from all walks of life.
  • Our team facilitates participants to raise sponsorships for themselves. Feel free to get in touch with us and we will begin your leadership training even before YLC – you will learn how to communicate, call and convince companies to support your participation.
  • However, what we appreciate the most is participants raising funds by adding value. Organize an event, cash your talent, offer a service… If you truly desire it, you will find ways to get it!


Abbas Hussain
Jehan Ara
Adil Mosajee
Sheema Kirmani
Yousuf Basher Qureshi
Muniba Mazari
Amin Guljee
Ali Azmat
Wasim Badami
Farooq Sattar
Ahsan Jamil
Faryal Gauher
Hamza Ali Abbasi
Umair JaliawalaDirector & CEO
Shireen NaqviAdvisor
Kamran RizviDirector
Quratulain AwanDirector
Waqar AliConference Counselor


  • Imran Ahson – USA

    “Coming from another country, I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of international focus at the Young Leaders’ Conference. We had youth representatives from many different countries; international issues were discussed and even a major sponsor of the Development Leadership day (July 4) was the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC). As Pakistan is now affecting (and is affected by) more and more international scenarios, this focus was not only educational, but integral as well. I feel proud to be a part of such an experience that trains youth to not only lead Pakistan to a better tomorrow, but the world as well.

  • Asma Mustafa – Scotland

    YLC-I champ, I had no idea how it would feel until July 01, 2005. There was the moment to enjoy the fruit of months of effort. Watching 236 lives changing by every passing second was a dream come true! For me YLC-I was an experience far beyond my expectations. It has personally made me believe that nothing on this earth is impossible, you just need the will to do it! The whole experience taught me how to learn from the minutest things on this earth. My faith in my own generation has increased at least 50 times. In short I have learned that

  • Talha Mehmood – Karachi

    The ecstasy of seeing a dream taking reality is indescribable…as much as the dream is unclear in the twilight. However you know you have achieved it when you see it; and it is quite rare if a dream turns as exquisitely into a reality, as the Young Leaders’ conference turned out to be.


Meetup is set over two days of ground-breaking speeches for web enthusiasts

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  • 9:30am - 11:30am Welcome & Registration

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  • 11:30am - 1pm Improving WordPress Workflow

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  • 1pm - 2pm Catered Lunch

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  • 2pm - 3:30pm Advanced MySQL Usage

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