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YLC Legacy

An idea; A wish; A dream of Pakistan’s youth realizing their untapped potential; this was the vision with which Young Leaders Conference came into existence. What started as a modest conference, back in 2002, has now transformed it¬self into a belief system. With over three hundred partici-pants, coming from all over the country, Young Leaders Conference offers a refresh¬ing and engaging experience. Come join us in this trailblaz¬ing, ground breaking, pioneer¬ing conference and let us help you realize your true power. It’s time to finally transform and emerge as the leader you truly are.

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Highlights from YLC

Innovation Lab

1-clParticipants address key life issues and learn to develop solutions. They practice life skills such as conflict management, interpersonal com¬munication, organizing, planning, teamwork and much more


1-clAn immersive experience which provides participants a refreshing observation that is not so readily available in their everyday life. Our simulations cause themselves and engross themselves into the shoes of another person


1-clIntensive workshops that focus on building capacity and impart¬ing crucial skills and information to participants in a more focused environment

Social Events

1-clOffering a release from the morning’s routine, every night comes with a new social event, ready to keep you bouncing on your feet all night long

Panel Discussions

1-clProminent national and international personalities from the varying sectors discuss important issues preside over but highly interactive sessions

Spotlight Sessions

1-clBe engaged in a story telling session that makes you laugh, cry and moves you in a way never before

Field Visits

1-clCome explore different cities across Pakistan in a way nev¬er done before and gain first-hand knowledge of a life much different than yours

Mentoring Sessions

1-clGrab an opportunity to engage with experts & specialists in one-on-one mentoring sessions during the conference

Why YLC?

Experience a life-changing journey

At the YLC, you will participate in interactive, fast-paced, hands-on sessions and activities designed around the subjects you’re most interested in to experience a life-changing journey

Discover your potential

You will learn about the global trends and career possibilities as you go on with exiting and interactive sessions, city tours, community visits and engage with professionals and thought leaders from across Pakistan and the world.

Develop as a leader

You will develop the knowledge, confidence, and practical leadership skills required to achieve your goals and become a leader in your professional life and community.


YLC since its inception has aspired to be once in a lifetime experience for youth who are at the most critical age of their lives when they join the conference. YLC aims to:

1- Create awareness of the immense leadership possibilities in a multi-disciplinary context

2- Inspire participants to discover and apply their leadership potential

Program Overview

Young Leaders Conference is Pakistan’s pioneering youth residential leadership event. 6 days and 5 nights, 300 urban and rural, promising young leaders, living and learning together. Powered by the wisdom of 50 top business, social, political, art leaders and engagement of country’s foremost facilitators, YLC is an experiential journey geared to positively engage youth over the 6 days in a rigorous program comprising panel dialogues, thematic exploration sessions, powerful leadership simulations, personal story-telling, capacity building trainings and empowering team support.

Participants & Partners

YLC is suitable for ages 18-24, exclusive to 350, but very inclusive in its formation. Youngsters from over 50 cities and villages of Pakistan and diverse walks of life, come together to celebrate their youth and explore themselves and the ever-changing world outside.

Many visionary organizations have embraced YLC to further their community conscience, talent development and branding wins. Our partners include public sector bodies, development agencies, multinational and local corporate organizations, academic institutions and philanthropists


YLC takes pride in the stature of speakers who make time for YLC each year or have been doing so for many years in a row. These include corporate leaders, entrepreneurs, social activists, politicians, thought-leaders, artists and trainers. Over 60 speakers join participants during the 6 days as keynote speakers, panelists, workshop leaders, and mentors.

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