Since 2002, The Young Leaders Conference (YLC) brings together 300 diverse individuals from all over Pakistan. YLC, to date, has worked directly with over 5,725 Young Leaders of Pakistan. Every year, YLC takes on a 6-day, 5-night residential leadership expedition. Honored by country’s best minds, artists, entrepreneurs, practitioners and activists, YLC aims for young leaders to:

    • Initiate a journey of self-awareness and confidence building.
    • Expand thinking in corporate, development, politics and culture.
    • Connect with peer young leaders from across urban and rural Pakistan.
    • Discover themselves more through experiential exercises and simulations.
    • Shape character and develop personality through capacity building.
    • Committo becoming  contributing  citizens through  social  action projects  that   directly  benefit their communities.

Youth of today has a treasure of capabilities and resources waiting to be unleashed. With the power of technology and valuable resources at their fingertips, they possess the potential to not only enrich their own lives but also uplift their communities. The key to unlocking this potential is Ikhtiyar realizing the transformative power of responsibility. 

Imagine a world where every young person embraces Ikhtiyar, where they courageously face challenges and problems head-on, fuelled by their passion for meaningful change. Empowered by this sense of responsibility, they become catalysts for positive transformation in both their personal lives and communities. 

Ikhtiyar imagines a world where every individual takes ownership and accountability, where each step forward is a testament to the shared commitment to excellence and progress. It all starts from within, from cultivating a mindset of leadership and service that transcends self-interest and embraces the greater good. 

Ikhtiyar is a compass, guiding towards a future where actions not only define success but also contribute to the greater service for the world. Ikhtiyar nurtures the mind for growth and empowerment. 

Ikhtiyar serves as a source of inspiration, igniting within young minds a sense of purpose and empowerment. It’s not just about having the tools and knowledge; it’s about realising the true power that comes from taking ownership and accountability for one’s actions and decisions.

What’s in your circle of influence?

    • Your Thoughts: Your perception of the world is shaped by your inner beliefs and mindset.
    • Your Behavior: Do you choose to act as a victim or a warrior in life’s challenges
    • Your Actions: Strive for self-improvement and take responsibility for both yourself and others.
    • Your Goals: Clearly define and set meaningful goals that drive you forward.
    • Your Reactions: Life is 20% what happens to you and 80% how you respond to it.
    • Personal Habits: Your daily habits can either build you up or tear you down.
    • Your Attitude and Mindset: Maintain a positive and resilient outlook on life.
    • Your Learnings: Embrace every experience as a valuable lesson.
    • Your Character: Cultivate integrity and strength in your character.
    • Your Beliefs: Hold steadfast to your core beliefs and values.
    • Your Decisions: Make thoughtful and deliberate choices.
    • Your Growth: Continuously pursue personal and professional growth.
    • Your Career: Shape a fulfilling career aligned with your passions and goals.


Imran Khan

Javed Jabbar

Nasira Iqbal

Ali Hamza

Umar Saif

Shahida Saleem

Junaid Iqbal

Jibran Nasir



For National Participants

PKR 145,000

For INTERNATIONAL Participants


    • Full access to conference program, simulations, sessions and social events
    • 5 nights and 6 days accommodation
    • Daily breakfast, lunch, dinner refreshments and tea
    • Delegate Kit (shirts, bag, and giveaways)
    • YLC Certificate of Achievement on the completion of social enterprise projects

If you meet the following criteria, we’ll be more than happy to have you on board:

    • YLC is for the youth aged between 18-24. Bring along your valid CNIC or Passport to support the same.
    • A completed YLC application form is required. Incomplete forms will not be considered. You can register for the form available online on our website
    • A constructive & resilient attitude.
    • YLC is an inclusive event and goes far in ensuring accessibility for participants with different learning abilities.
    • YLC Alumni from any year are not eligible to apply for this conference.

YLC Team will select the participants who have a passion to learn, a desire to excel & a love for sharing.

    • Draft and send sponsorship letters to organizations.
    • Get in touch with the team, explaining what they’ve done so far to raise the fee and the team will give tips on how to proceed.

Please make cheque payable to ‘Sol Distinction pvt. ltd.’


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