What YLC has to offer?

Experiential Learning

  • With hands-on practical learning methods, participants truly understand how to apply what they’ve learnt throughout the day, regarding how to deal with real-world challenges.

  • Participants test their understanding of underlying principles, processes and procedures and can experiment and adapt their practice to achieve best outcomes.


  • Creating a controlled environment to deliver realistic and immersive experiences that mirror real time societal and workplace issues.

  • Building a connection within to uncover underlying emotions that have been shoved away.

Keynotes & Duo Sessions

  • Industry / field experts establish a strong underlying framework on various important topics that gauge the participants for what is to come.

  • Diverse professionals come together to discuss ground realities and dynamics of various industries and organizations nationally and globally.

Breakouts / Workshops

  • Participants break into smaller groups to exchange point of views.

  • A comfortable and intimate space is created to discuss defined objectives and initiate a productive conversation.

Panel Discussions

  • Prominent national and international personalities from the selected sectors discuss important issues.

  • Renowned moderators preside over highly interactive sessions.

Story Storytelling

  • Creating an immersive experience that allows the participants to enjoy the dynamics of language and create an appetite for multiple ways of expression.

  • Teaches the participants the importance of delivery, tonality, expressions and annotations.

Capacity Building

  • Strategic and systematic approaches that work on building attention capacities.

  • Strengthens retention of content which builds a stronger body and mind connection.

One to one mentoring / coaching

  • A safe space for participants to spend individual time with YLC founders/ master trainers.

  • Helps participants understand their own strengths and weaknesses to become self-aware, manage internal conflicts and boost confidence.


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